Gathering and storing

The cereals in S.C.A. Europeos

The beginning of the idea of starting this Cooperative, emerges after the need of commercializing conjointly with the cereals and the oilseeds. Until then, the growers had to leave their products in the threshing floors, with the risk of being robbed, fires, weather inclemencies, outrages to the buyers, etc.

Cereals (wheat), oilseeds (seeds), protein crops (beans and peas), legumes (chickpeas), are crops which are alternated and planted in fallow land, with a total production of 6.000 initial tons and 4.500 tons currently.This decrease in the production of these crops is due to the growth of the olive tree plantation and to the other alternative products such as the asparagus, which generates jobs and boosts the economy.

Crop rotation

The anise

Due to the new requirements in the common agrarian policy, due to the demand and prices, these products are rotated, some years they are very representative and some other years they almost disappear. We have to say that, the other crop which is being a good option as a substitute of the cereals and the oilseeds is the anise.

This product's rotation is mainly influenced by the search of the highest profitability of the crop, which is a difficult thing to foresee from one year to another due to the market influence.


3.000 square meters

Hard wheat, soft wheat, oat, sunflower, anise and barleys in fewer quantity, and other crops in considerable less amount such as beans, peas, chickpeas, etc.

From 1.996 we count on with a cleaning plant and a seed selection plant, owning the title of multiplier and conditioner. For the storage, the cooperative has among its infrastructure, more than 3.000 meters of industrial warehouses, which, besides avoiding risks, it allows the negotiations to defend the producer's interests to happen in the best conditions.

We have to highlight, that the lands of our homeland and the climate influenced by the Grazalema mountain range, allows us to obtain an enviable quality and demand in all of our products.

Today this cooperative is a fact, and so is the participation of its associates, who little by little and with hundreds of difficulties, grew up and built a fortress together. This cooperative has to continue improving and growing in all its sections. There isn't a better tool than cooperativism to offer the best services and to defend the interest of its associates.


Cereal gathering

Courtesy of SCA Europeos

Mechanized gathering process.

Collection of videos where you can see the gathering process and the cereal transfer.