S.C.A. Europeos

Introduction letter

by Francisca Álvarez Valle

S.C.A. EUROPEOS, was founded the 17th. of September of 1.986, it's located in Alcalá del Valle, in Sierra de Cádiz and it belongs to the Route of the White Villages.

This company was originated when a group of cereal growers think about the need to start a cooperative to commercialize conjointly the cereals (wheat) and the oilseeds (seeds). Until then, the majority of growers has to leave their products in the threshing floors, suffering continuous outrages of the buyers and high risks of robbery, fires, and weather inclemencies.

From their beginning with the cereals, their associates were conscious, that only by means of cooperation could they grow, not only in the services and in their infrastructure, but in incorporating new sections, such as those of the asparagus and the olive oil.

Currently we are conditioners and multipliers of cereal. We count on with a modern olive press ("almazara"), which put together with the local characteristics and the attention and commitment of our growers, allows us to produce an extra virgin olive oil of an exquisite quality. Moreover, we are in Andalucía and Spain, one of the mayor green asparagus producers, which due to the 650 meters altitude above the sea level and the temperature, we have the peculiarity of being the only one to produce in drought, which increases the quality and flavor of the asparagus. Furthermore, with our environmental commitment and with the quality of our products, S.C.A EUROPEOS, is qualified with the UNE ISO 9001:2008 and UNE ISO 14001:2007. Moreover to guarantee the food safety of the horticultural section we count on with the prestigious certification of the production under the Globagap accreditation, allowing us to to boost our products, open up to new countries to commercialize with and to increase the profitability of our associates.

We also offer to our associates supply and plant-protection services, diesel A and B, we make table olives campaigns and we ofer both, administrative and technical counseling.

At this moment we have an annual sale volume of more than 6 million Euros, turning this cooperative in the most important economic and social engine of the municipality.

Furthermore, to guarantee the food safety of the horticultural section we count on with the prestigious certification GLOBAL G.A.P.

The cooperativism, as a movement and as a doctrine, counts on with six basic values: mutual help, responsibility, democracy, equality, fairness and solidarity.

“It's just a way in which the man can have all the happiness that it's environment can have, by means of the union cooperation of everyone to benefit everybody.”

Robert Owen


Francisca Álvarez Valle