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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Espasierra


A company engaged in the production and commercialization of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, located in Sierra de Cádiz, taking on its activity in the municipality of Alcalá del Valle.

Municipality which due to its average altitude of 750 meters, plus its characteristic agricultural soil and seasoned with what it's provided by its olive growers, has a result this magnificent product which is a symbol of the Mediterranean diet.


Elaboration of olive oil

For the production of our olive oil, we use a cold extraction system at a temperature of 27ºC and, the process used (we press the olives in less than 24 hours from their arrival, etc.) allows us to get the best quality olive oil

The acidity of our olive oil is always between 0,13º and 0,2, far below the maximum limit legally allowed which is 0,70º (Olive oil only obtained by means of mechanical procedures).

The variety of the olive is 80% PICUAL and 20% HOJIBLANCA. The resistance to oxidation of these olive oils guarantees its stability and conservation during large periods of time. This is the great virtue of the PICUAL variety.

The profile of our olive oil is: "Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it has an intense fruity flavor of green olives, and a pleasant scent to fresh grass. It has a light bitterness and a gentle burning aftertaste. The combination results in a balanced, aromatic and harmonious olive oil with a fruity, fresh and sweet scent".


The elaborated olive oils are stored in numbered tanks.

For every set of final product we make a complete analysis of its organoleptic characteristics. Every bottled product is assigned a set number.

Every olive which enters in the process is received and accepted by the plant manager, recording at every moment its provider and the land plot it comes from once the weight process begins.

Once the olives have been pressed and the different olive oils have been stored in the cellar, they are analyzed to identify their characteristics. In the same way, all the bottled olive oil, is inspected and then it is ready for its forwarding. The analysis made of the oil prepared for bottling, is a complete analysis, including among other indicators, those of humidity, peroxides, ultraviolet absorbency and impurities.

With the traceability, we manage to have a direct and continuous tracking along the olive process, from its entrance in the patio, its pressing, its storage in the tanks, the date of the bottling entrance, its set number and the forwarding date, to be able to relate each of the forwarded products with the process' parameters in the days they were processed.

In the same way, the exits of the bottled olive oil, include a register with the set number and the place of destination for, in the case there's a situation which requires the removal of the product, we know exactly where to go.


In the Espasierra olive oil distribution, the bulk selling represents the main outlet with an approximate fee of the 65% and the 35% left is occupied by the selling of bottled olive oil.

About the bulk selling, our main markets are the national one, mainly concentrated in Jaén, Ciudad Real, Cataluña y Galicia, and the European market, especially the Italian one.

The other type of selling, the bottled selling, has experienced a great increase, principally motivated by the commercial explosion that our product has achieved in the national market, in particular in the Andalusian and Catalan markets, as a consequence of the excellent quality of our product. This increase is, in its great majority, due to our extra virgin olive oil fruity, fresh and sweet scent, that, along with its balanced and harmonious texture, offer to the already exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and extra component worth tasting.

For the distribution of our bottled olive oil we use bottles of five liters or less.

Quality rules

Strict rules applied according to the Quality Plan of the Cooperative.

UNE-EN ISO 9001 - Quality management system.

UNE-EN ISO 14001 - Environmental management system.


Olive oil making process

Courtesy of SCA Europeos

Traceability of the process

Videos which show the traceability process and the olive oil bottling.